…not to be mistaken for “Eeeeee!”, although perhaps that applies here as well!

No, I mean E! as in Entertainment Television. More specifically, a new show on E! called The Fabulist (hosted by Kristin Cavallari and Orly Shani), where you’ll be able to see Hourglass Artist Debbie’s popular Rock Out platforms featured on April 21st! 

We’ll post more info as the air date approaches, so stay tuned. 

Until then…



These are the shoes we created for the staff of Huy Fong Foods, makers of the most famous Sriracha on the planet!


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Are your shoes in need of a make-over?






…this customer brought her cute-but-simple heels to our showroom last week, and asked us to “Hourglass” them. 

We love the result! 



You can see more pictures of the finished shoes here.

(If you’ve got a pair of shoes in your closet that you’d like us to “Hourglass”, send us an email at info@hourglassfootwear.com!)




Hourglass Footwear on Facebook

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Big sale!

Happy Monday!

Call it spring cleaning! One of our big behind-the-scenes projects right now is revamping our website, and we’re retiring a lot of our old designs in the process, to make room for new ones.

That means a SALE! 40-50% off (yes, really) to-be-discontinued styles. First come, first served…there are only one remaining pair of most of these designs. 

Here’s the link.  

Happy shopping!


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Howdy, stranger!

It’s been awhile!

We wanted to pop in and say that we’re still here–just working hard behind the scenes on some exciting changes, which we’ll announce over the next couple of weeks!




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Clogs, and this weekend.

Hey, did you know we’re now an official Dansko retailer? Meaning, any of our designs can now be painted on Dansko professional clogs?

Yep! We’re calling the new venture Hourglass at Work.

We haven’t made a big announcement about it yet, because Lisa’s currently hard at work on a brand new website that will include a special sister site for the clogs (launching in April). Stay tuned for a more major announcement, and a new collection of clog designs.

Until then, we’ve got a new Hourglass at Work Facebook page up, and we’re taking orders…from those of you in the know. Email us at info@hourglassfootwear.com if you’d like a pair, or more info!

Lisa and I are heading to Virginia Mason Hospital this Thursday and Friday from 10am until 4pm to do a trunk show with samples of some of our clogs. That means a) we won’t be at our showroom as usual, but b) you’re welcome to stop by the show, check out some clogs, and say hi! We’ll be in the Volunteer Services room next to the cafeteria both days.







Hourglass Facebook Page

Hourglass at Work Facebook Page

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Mary at The Grammys

Mary Lambert is awesome and blogged about us again.


Mary at the Glaad Manhattan event in a Cabiria dress and Hourglass shoes (of course).

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The 2014 Champions shoe (SALE)!

What a great day to be a Seattleite. Congrats, Seahawks!!

Right now through February 14th at midnight, get 12% off the 12th Woman Championship design, in Home Game colors, inscribed with the words “2014 Champions” in glittery silver! 

This limited-edition design is available in flats, mid-heels, stilettos, or platforms (or if you’d like Dansko clogs, just send us an email at info@hourglassfootwear.com).



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