Week of weddings, Saturday edition!

Two days left in our week of weddings.

Up today, Bavarian-themed flats.
Beautifully done Rachel. As always!

Want to see more adorable and comfy hand-painted flats?
Here you go.

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A week of weddings | St Patty’s edition.

A very special wedding shoe in honor of Saint Patrick’s day.

You’ve seen our gorgeous custom wedding shoes, but what about Your Shoes, Our Paint?

This bride had a beloved pair of lace-up boots, and Hourglass Artist Jeanie got to work her henna, glitter magic. We think it’s safe to say that these wedding shoes are truly one of a kind.

Happy Saint Patty’s, everyone!


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A week of weddings continues!

How about these flats a groom bought to surprise his bride?
We sure were able to fit a lot of their love story on teeny-tiny size 5 shoes.

See more wedding shoes, and get started on your own!

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The wedding shoes of your dreams.

Week of weddings day three!
When it comes to custom orders, we like to say, “If you can dream it, we can paint it!”
This customer’s Harry Potter-themed wedding dreams came true!
What are your dream wedding shoes?
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Week of weddings, day two!

We recently had the opportunity to work with Seattle Bride Unveiled and Gather Events on a photo shoot featuring stone and mineral wedding accessories. So much fun!

What’s your dream wedding shoe?
Inspiration here!

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Happy wedding season!

Presenting a week of weddings.
First up, lovely mid-heels.

The customer asked that we include, “… shamrock and johnny jump up flowers, a Siamese cat, a five point Sheriff’s Star, Bill and Diane (Purple Heart in the middle instead of and), March 31, 2017. Small designs with shamrocks and flowers as trim?”

Fantastic work, Rachel!

Want to see more custom wedding shoes, or get the ball rolling on your very own pair?  Here you go!

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United We Stand.

We’re excited to announce another (Is)shoe.
This one from our incredibly talented artist Nicolle.
Nicolle’s passion is the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and their fight to halt the Dakota Access Pipeline.
In her own words, ” ‘This land is your land, this land is my land.’ These are song lyrics from the late Pete Seeger.
I remember hearing these words as a child and now I sing them to my kids with the hope that they will become earth loving humans.
I believe in the cause at Standing Rock because mother earth and all her beauty deserve respect. All life deserves a clean water source and our indigenous people deserve better.
Preserving life-giving water is essential to ensure the health of our planet and future generations.
I stand with Standing Rock, and I stand up for a clean earth.”
$25 from every pair of United We Stand shoes sold will go directly to the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.
United we stand, divided we fall.
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