Custom shoes for Jennifer Hudson

Custom orders take us in all sorts of interesting, challenging, exciting directions. Case in point: the order we just finished for Jennifer Hudson and her sister, Julia. 

Yes. That’s right. THE Jennifer Hudson.

You may remember that we designed custom shoes for Mary Lambert to wear to the VMA’s this year. That night, she performed “Same Love” with Macklemore, and Jennifer Hudson made a surprise appearance at the end of the song to sing with Mary. It was beautiful.

After the show, Jennifer asked Mary who made her shoes, and Mary was a doll (as she tends to be) and made the connection. A couple of weeks later, we got a call from Jennifer’s assistant to place the order.

They provided us with a bit of a challenge in the form of leather gym shoes:



Since we typically work with heels and flats, painting on that type of shoe was a totally new experience for us. We agreed to give it a shot, though.

For Julia’s shoes, they asked us to work from the tattoos on her arms.

We were given some reference pictures:


…and the final product turned out pretty perfectly:


These shoes were a gift from Jennifer Hudson to Julia for her birthday, and from what we’ve heard, they were a big big hit. Happy birthday, Julia!


Jennifer also ordered a pair of leather gym shoes for herself, custom painted to match the style of the cover of her newest single, “I Can’t Describe (The Way I Feel)”, but with her nicknames covering the shoes instead of lyrics.

Check them out:



And then, because it was just too tempting to send Jennifer a pair of our signature platforms…well, we did:



Hot, right? And then Jennifer Tweeted about them and posted them on Instagram, so I’m pretty confident we made the right decision… 


The Hudson sisters and their team were fabulous to work with, and we can’t wait to collaborate with them again!







Do you want your own custom pair? Send us an email at and we’ll get started on your dream shoes!


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About hourglass footwear

Hourglass Footwear was founded by Kira Bundlie and Lisa Ström and features the work of ten very talented Seattle-area artists.
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