Lisa and Debbie have (iss)shoes

Our “We’ve got (iss)shoes” page is growing all the time! This week, Lisa and Debbie are teaming up for a cause that’s important to both of them.

If you missed the post explaining how this works, here’s the gist: participating Hourglass artists choose a non-profit close to their heart and design a pair of shoes around the cause. Then they pick the dollar amount they wish to donate to that cause out of their own commission from each shoe sold, and Hourglass matches that amount. The full total going to the non-profit will be clearly stated on each order page.

Debbie and Lisa’s joint (iss)shoe is marriage equality. They’ve each designed a shoe for the cause, and have offered to donate $10 of their own commission from the sale of each pair. Hourglass will match that amount, so $20 per pair sold will go directly to their cause.

We’ll let them tell you why they chose to donate to Washington United for Marriage Equality


“Marriage equality matters to gay people the same ways it matters to everyone. I am gay but this issue is not about that–it’s about being a regular human being. I want to be able to get married, to make a lifetime commitment to the person I love and be able to protect my partner and kids just like everyone else. 

The security my parents have in their marriage (40+ years–good job Mike and Bobbie!) is a beautiful thing that supports so much in our family and community.  Gay people want the same, nothing special, just equal.”  


“The right to marry is not a gay or straight issue. It is a basic human rights issue.

I honestly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to spend their life with the person they love.  Marriage is about commitment, truth, raising children and growing old together. No one should be denied that opportunity. Love is love.”


Twenty dollars from each pair of Rainbow Warrior or Double Happiness shoes sold will go directly to Washington United for Marriage Equality.


Happy Wednesday!


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About hourglass footwear

Hourglass Footwear was founded by Kira Bundlie and Lisa Ström and features the work of ten very talented Seattle-area artists.
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