Our day at New Day

This week. Oh my gosh.

When New Day Northwest approached us about doing a fashion show for their program, we naturally jumped at the chance. Of course.

We were already busy, but the past two weeks leading up to the show have been NUTS. Finding models, holding shoe fittings, artists working long hours to get all the painting done…and what were we going to wear?!

In the end, though, it was worth every wide-awake, 4:00 a.m., panicked to-do list. 

On Wednesday morning, I got up very, very early to go for a run and shake my nerves. Look what I found growing by the side of the path:


Why yes, that IS a six leaf clover. And a pretty good sign at that, I’d say.


When we got to the KING 5 studios, we were led up a flight of stairs and through a labyrinth of hallways and doors upon more hallways and doors–we must have made quite a procession, too. 14 excited (nervous), dressed-up women in clicking heels on the echo-y marble floors.

They brought us all to the dressing room, and we set up camp and made last-minute wardrobe and makeup changes. It was a mess of color and shoes and laughter and nerves, but MAN did everyone look great. 


Just a quick word about our models: they were amazing. Each and every one of them. They stepped up to the plate when asked, and cheerily went along for the ride. They’re all gorgeous, fun, reliable women and how we managed to secure them in that amount of time is beyond me…but we couldn’t have done the show without their help.


After some time in the dressing room, the stage manager brought us up to run through our segment. When we first walked out on the set, eyes got wide and the whole experience became very real. Bright lights, cameras, audience, interview couch…it was all quite impressive. 


He showed us where to stand, where the cameras would be, and how not to make asses of ourselves on television, which was appreciated.


Then it was time for a little hair and makeup. The woman working on Lisa is Heidi, and she rocks. She’s the producer who first contacted us, and she’s been just great to work with. 


Here’s Lisa getting a touch-up and me watching, fascinated–Heidi’s got products that stand up to hot spotlights and high-def cameras!


After that, it was just a waiting game in the dressing room, with fans going on high speed and lots of face powder. It was HOT in there! Aside from that and the butterflies, everyone was feeling and looking great, though.



Then, before we even had time to get too nervous, we were whisked back to the set for our segment. It felt just like going on stage for a big theater production–the audience laughing on the other side of the curtain, the stage hands hushing everyone and a sort of electric excitement and maybe a little bit of terror flashing on the faces of those of us about to be on camera.


Talking shoes with Margaret Larson, host of New Day Northwest.


…and then it was time! And amazingly…everything went off without a hitch. The models walked perfectly, nobody tripped, Lisa and I got all our talking points across, and we all managed to have a lot of fun. Thanks, six leaf clover!





Hourglass artists Rachel and Maya…our personal cheering section.


An enormous thank you to Heidi Eng and the whole New Day staff, to our hard-working models and artists, and to our big, fluffy beds who we’ve missed terribly these last few weeks. 


Here’s our segment, if you didn’t catch it!


I’ll leave you with just a couple more group shots:



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Our Facebook page!


About hourglass footwear

Hourglass Footwear was founded by Kira Bundlie and Lisa Ström and features the work of ten very talented Seattle-area artists.
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2 Responses to Our day at New Day

  1. Kathleen Kendrick says:

    Kira, you SO rock!!!

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