Plus Thunder!


I think it’s safe to say that our first four days in business have been a huge success. Aside from the sales (!), it’s the over-the-top positive feedback and generous publicity we’ve received that have been some of the most gratifying parts of this process so far.

It’s also so great to finally unveil our website to you!

This morning started out with a literal bang, as a rare (and loud!) thunderstorm rolled through Seattle. I grew up in Minneapolis, so I have to say it’s a joy for me to experience dramatic weather again . . . this time without the threat of a Midwest tornado.

Jessica Hoffman of NW Beauty Magazine stopped by the studio during all the weather chaos to interview Lisa and I for their publication. It’s always fun for us to talk about Hourglass with someone who doesn’t know much about us yet. We get so worked up and excited, it’s like our initial brainstorming sessions all over again! Hopefully we didn’t overwhelm poor Jessica, who was lovely and fun to hang out with.

While we talked, Hourglass artists Jeanie and Debbie dropped by with new shoe designs, and stayed to chat with us. It was another one of those wow-this-is-how-work-should-be moments. Fun and hilarious coworkers, fabulous shoes, art and color and creativity all around. Plus media coverage! Plus thunder!

Jessica says her piece on us should be finished in the next few days. We’ll post links when it’s up!

Until then, here are the shoes Jeanie and Debbie brought by, plus some new designs by Maya, Hillary, Rachel, Reina and Lisa. You won’t have to wait too long to claim them for your own–they’ll be up on the site later today!


“Rio Rancho” by Debbie

Image“Midnight in the Garden” by Maya


“Lost in Translation” by Lisa

Image“Cranberry Jelly” by Jeanie


“Aboriginality” by Reina


Hey There Delilah” by Hillary


“Cat Scratch Fever” by Rachel

Image“Put a Bird On It!” by Rachel


“It’s What’s for Dinner” by Debbie.

(Oh yes she did.)


One more for fun.

Onward and upward!


About hourglass footwear

Hourglass Footwear was founded by Kira Bundlie and Lisa Ström and features the work of ten very talented Seattle-area artists.
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3 Responses to Plus Thunder!

  1. DC says:

    Absolutely gorgeous footwear, Kira! Congratulations to the Hourglass Footwear team!!!
    ~Dany Carol (a friend of your mom)

  2. Carol Pearce says:

    Beautiful shoes. Wishing all BIG success. Debbie’s friend Marci’s Mom. 🙂

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